The Soul Of A Warrior

I was awakened   to a light shining brighter than the sun with a glow just as gentle as the moon; a seducing voice calling my name. I was no longer resting on my cement pillow. My t-shirt that had been painted red by the blood that my veins bleed; I no longer wore, I wore no jeans, no hoodie, no sneakers, and no cap. I was bare; my soul was all that covered me. An embracing touch caressed my shoulder; I turned to see what it was. I saw nothing. There behind me on the ground lay a bag of Tropical Skittles. I reached down swiftly to pick them up. As I drew my left hand in efforts to view my prize, it suddenly turned into an Arizona Sweet Iced Tea; then the tea disappeared. The once bright, warm and unfamiliar room suddenly became dark, cold and familiar. I could hear my voice, I was screaming but my mouth, it didn’t move. I cried “Please, Don’t! What are you doing?” I was pleading for my life, I began to weep as I remembered my words the pain that I felt, the fear that entered my heart the reason I was here.

In all of my sorrow a familiar voice called out to me. “David”. I lifted my head from the palms of my tear stained hands to see my mother. There she stood, as beautiful and as loving as ever. “Mom”! I screamed to her. Just as quickly as I had collapsed to my knees, I regained my strength and jumped to my feet. I sprinted to her with every bit of energy I had. I ran, and ran and I ran yet I still had not reached her. I was becoming faint, my sprint turned into a jog, the jog into a walk. I continued to walk, in the distance I could hear her voice, the closer I felt I got to her, the further way she sounded. She said to me “David, you walk for miles, you run for yards but the length of your life is measured in inches.” In a panic, hearing her voice dissipate; I began to run again. In my feverish sprint I stumbled and I fell.

It was me, my body which caused my fall. My cold, dead, bloody body lay on the cement concrete. Freighted, confused, angry, I regain my stance and I run. To him, he who stood emotionlessly against the hood of the police car I ran. “What’s wrong with you? What did I do to you? How could you do this?” He didn’t respond. That angered me even more. “Answer me you ass hole! Answer me!” Still he didn’t reply. I saw the officer approaching him, I ran to him to tell him the truth, to tell him why this coon hating man killed me. “Officer, Officer, he did this he killed me! OFFICER!” He didn’t acknowledge me either. The officer asked That Man “What happen Sir” That Man Replied, “He attacked me! I was simply defending myself! He reached in to his coat like he was going to pull out something. He was threating me!” In anger I yelled to the officer “HE asked me what I had in my pocket, I was just going to show him my iced tea and skittles. That’s all I had in my pocket. He asked me if I had a gun, if I was going to rob somebody! I tried telling him my dad lives here but he didn’t listen. He kept calling me a coon! Officer please, please, hear me! Listen to me please! He hit me because I tried to walk away. He pulled me by my hood and he punched me in my face. I hit him back! He attacked me! He was following me. Officer please!” The officer, Officer Kills is what his name badge read still didn’t acknowledge me. Why? Could he not hear me? I didn’t understand.

The light, I saw it again shinning brighter than the sun with a glow a gentle as the moon. “David, don’t be afraid.” he said I was sitting in a chair; a large padded chair with my name engraved into the cherry oak back. He sat to my right. “Are you comfortable? ‘He asked. I wore a white silk gown; trimmed in gold. “Where Am I?” I asked.

“Are you God?”

“No, I’m not God” He chuckled. “I’m Michael. On earth they refer to me as the warrior Angel.”

“So, I’m dead now right?”

“Let’s just say your job on earth is done.”

“Why Am I here, and not heaven? Where is god?”

“You only enter Heaven once your destiny is fulfilled.”

“Well, I’m dead. So, doesn’t that mean my destiny is fulfilled?”

“You know why your here with me, and not heaven? It’s because you’re not done working yet, your duty on earth is finished but you’re not done fighting. God asked me to guide you because we are both warriors and you’re not done fighting yet”.

“So, why did That Man kill me? How could death be a part of my fight?’

“Because my friend, through your earthly death you will bring your people together. Your death will help right wrongs, strengthen hearts and influence this little boy to fulfill his destiny”. He showed me a picture of a baby, no older than eight months. I’d never seen him before.

“Do you know who he is?” he asked.

“No” I replied.

“Here keep a hold to this photo you will see him again”.


Letter with love

At night all alone she writes letters With love. My soul that is who she would be, and her letters of love were to me. My soul she loves me like none other I know.Yet my soul can’t stay with me. Fore she has desires and aspirations that she her self must achieve. She wants the world and I my self know that I can’t give it to she so I sit all alone on the other side of the world wishing I could be with she. My Soul has traveled Paris, Germany and Tokyo. But I am afraid to leave. One day I will have the courage to do as she. That is to let go and finally be free. Live life with no fears, regrets or pain. Untill then I will continue to read all the letters with love that she sends to me.


My ear, with which he begins.
Caressing some how my soul with only his tounge. From my lips to my breast then to my neck and my hips; Loving each inch of my soft brown skin
I’m nervous.
With every kiss my breath he takes, my body begins to tremble. The touch of his hand against my bare back side creates a wetness within.
His eye’s, my eye’s are hearts adhere. Nolonger alone inside he is now me of all he owns. I am he. He is me.
I’m nervous.
With each stroke he takes my mouth screams his name. My mind is spinning, I can hardly breathe. Is he? has he? Are we makeing passion common? Is love again honest?  For what is ment to be? Both me and he our paths have finally crossed.
I’m nervous nomore.
In love we are. My arms wrapped around his neck. He swiftly removes himself from my grip. Now that the act is complete. Gazing upon his body. He begins to leave.
And again I’m NERVOUS.

Angel Gabriel

Now with Intertwined hands.
We thought as one.
My breath was your breath.
We shared the same blood.
All of my pain you felt.
All of my joy you gave.
My mind consumed by you, thoughts knowing only you.
I made your heart beat.
You kept me breathing.
You’ll say ” You gave me life”, I will reply “It’s mine you saved”.
To have not known love sincere and in all it’s beauty you came to me sweet, surprising and swiftly.
Eyes as gentle as the sunset against the persisin sea.
Who’s features equate that of a beauty never seen.
Your voice, Your touch darling and engaging.
You are love.
If another I never cherish
If a beau never captures your heart.
If you never bring joy, life, love to another dispared heart.
Know that you are my joy.
For you know my soul within it you will always have a home.

Till death do us part You are my life
To  have and to hold you are my heart.
From yesterday foward You are my happiness. My Angel Gabriel.
You are my SON


In a world far different from your own, exist a vessel whose desire for love exceeds the realities of her world. Only to live, she must give love. Holding it she can not subsist. Her love, she gives in words. Making love to the pen while romancing the paper she creates life; captivating all who she engages with her erroneous anecdote. A tale not at all sincere or so is thought. In this world far different from your own, love does not exist. Into your world her words enter in hopes for her survival. In a world designed for her detriment. She is NuzriLove